Monday 2 January 2012

The vintage inspired baby doll dress

I promised myself yesterday (if you read yesterday's post) that I would take this whole blogging and creativity thing today I made another dress. I still haven't forgotten about the white one in the previous post... I'm trying to figure out how to accessorize the hemline and in due course..i will unveil the "would you wear it dress"...hmmm....its quite hard coz i want to keep it minimal but not boring you know!!!! I hope you enjoy the new dress....i got the fabric from a shop in tooting and they have some really cool veritable kente and dashiki....both are from there and both are African fabric. Anywho,,,,,I'm getting a lot of inspiration from the vintage era i.e. from the 20s to i will try and make an item from each era...I'm not perfect at this whole sewing thing but learning slowly and its really interesting....esp the sleeves...interesting but really tricky. The dress actually came out okay....i used lace for the hemline and collar in order to give it more character. I love it...might make another one in another colour. Note to self:::: shoulder pads for the white dress and inspiration for collar and hem..... okay here goes....xxxx
Just realised the african it a sort of missoni edge...hmmmm..another note to trousers????

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