Tuesday 3 January 2012

Customised clothes, Mixed fabrics, African fabric and linen,ohhhhh and wool collar

I am pushing and challenging myself quite a bit now but why not....so i worked on 2 dress today...luck me....i had one sort of purple greyish one that I bought from H&M like 6 years ago and I did not want to get rid of it so I decided to customise it a bit. Ive got another of the same that is customised too but its a different colour...and yes...again...its baloon/bell sleeves. Would I wear it, would she wear it, when, how and with what? Here goes enjoy....there are the before and after pics...all customised with African fabric....im so obsessed with this at the moment..Im sure this obsession wont die down or kill me...its actually healthy and very liberating....coz I feel like I identify more with my culture. Enjoy the pictures
As you can see, the dress has had quite a bit of wear and age to it...so its time to spruce it up..it should adorn my shoulders for the next couple of years (say another 5 years of wearing it) if Im lucky.....xxx)
And then came the sort of experiment..i felt like I was in a science lab mixing and concocting fabrics n all. Well here are the results...I think its cool..i would wear it anywhere with anything...probably better with denim shorts or tights or at the beach with a costume underneath. The collar is wool which you can see i sort of crocheted with a screwdriver...i mean when you run out of tools..you got to be inventive...you know..use your initiative...lol...here goes enjoy....

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