Monday 30 January 2012

A second skin affair: Vintage Framework

After becoming a mum, all of a sudden I am a huge fan of vintage thrills, the 1920s,30s,40s,50s yes and 60s the before before the before era (yes! I said it!!!). I do not know if its anything to do with motherhood or just a transitioning stage but the urge to change my wadrobe is so the point of a fearful wonderful vintagish obsession.

Okay so that does not mean I am going all gugu granma on myself no...hull my own perspective...I think I have discovered classic chic on a different level. Remember those dresses, bellsleeves, bellbottom pants and platform (gabon) shoes that our mummies and daddies used to wear......a bit like the dressing in these picture

I think the way they dressed exhibited restrained good taste, unpretentious style and unostentatious chic. And I AM any form trying to convert anyone to the whole vintage stage page but informing you that there's some beautiful pieces out there and one does not need to spend dimes and dimes on a piece they will wear for lets see how long...uhhhmmmmmma year....I remember my mum saying invest in something you will wear forever and pass on to your grandchildren.....xxxx

I am currently reading and researching from these vintage books....
This one above has some politics which I will address another time.....

These are very informative of how much we underestimate timeless fashion (vintage)...I know there's lots of people out there who absolutely shun charity and vintage shops...some people are so ignorant as they are of the thought that someone may have died in the piece of clothing..blah blah blah...oh its too long...and one just cannot get into all that but......the secret is ....they are a historical record and a beautiful possession that may be described as a second skin.

They have the power to transform the whole body and aura of women all over the world making these women so classic that their interest in vintage becomes a physical response to fashion. source...(Vintage fashion sourcebook...Emma Baxter) and I agree. Vintage pieces capture not only a historical moment in time, but are works of absolute unique beauty. Techniques of handwork, passion, dedication, time can be seen on the early pieces before the mass production era.

Several trends set in earlier records have developed into classics for example, the shift dress, the tailored suit, the little black dress, the flapper dress, swing skirt etc....and these have not drastically changed since thier inception.

The books I have researched have revealed that vintage pieces are charted through a framework of fashion history over hundreds of years in the last centuries, celebrating significant designers, developments, movements and women's frames which have all contributed hugely to fashion.

Even today, couture designers look and plunder back catalogues and magazines in order to study, copy and learn from the masters of years before, often copying details like pintucks, seams, collars, prints, patterns beading in their own designs and why not...IMMITATION IS is so ever evolving that if you want to be ahead of the have got to go to the back and start from there...that is why a great fashion designer will know what line to produce for the next six years as opposed to the next spring summer and start thinking..."hmmmm...where and what do I start now"....

I remember wearing gutsy items of clothing and even thinking to myself...the world is not ready for this honey....the world is not ready...but tuff...!!!!!...I wore it and I rocked it....why???? because I knew I was ahead of my game....and If I am to give any advice to a fashion designer I would give that...BE AHEAD OF YOUR GAME...GO TO THE BACK OF FASHION AND DISCOVER...

When you think its an old fashioned dress like this one...

appreciate..... because the person wearing this has thoroughly thought through this piece....they have fabricfingered it...teardressed it (..I dont know where these words are coming from but "necessity is the mother of invention") and in being careful about the detail, hem, cut and facework, they have bought it as opposed to one hit wonder mass produced

As I was inspired by my research....I customised a vintage piece (picture above) a while back and was proud of my vintage thingamajiga...

Before: This is the vintage dress

After customizing the dress with African fabric

So next time you do see someone out there rocking their vintage gear...give a secret smile in admiration or try...xx because they are way ahead and so should you be....xxxxx



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