Wednesday 11 January 2012

African fabric scarfs, corsages and bags

Two years ago I traded at Portobello market, and sold some arts and crafts, I remember selling some of these african fabric scarves which sold out on the first day. I had to make more that night because they were so popular. I made quite a bit of buck and maybe I may do the same thing this year. These are all made from left over fabric that I have used to make dresses and stuff...All veritable and Vlisco fabric from West Africa.
I will be focusing on accessories for a while because spring is round the corner and feel that they are worth the promotion and advert. The scarves can be won on anything,,,, I remember this guy was wearing a suit and he bought one and wore it immediately, I was chuffed yes...but I thought he was brave. I mean...this guy looked great....

For the corsages,,,,see pictures below... can be won as brooches, hair clips (they all have the necessary clip ons on the back), attached to a bag or belt...or even as a ring...believe me...I have rocked one as a ring...and it worked.

I am going to try and focus on African style clutch bags...I think they will sell well.....xxxx (like the clutch in the picture below)

Currently watching and enjoying Johan Ku Spring 2012 at Mercedes Benz Tokyo Fashion Weekshow below...very interesting it love it love it...

Also watching and loving Day 2: Autumn Adeigbo - ARISE Magazine Fashion Week 2011....I think these designs are great and very


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