Friday 27 January 2012

Mum in a million, a cabinet of beautiful curiosities: An Interview with Verka Stewart

It is heartwarming for me to interview V...She is one of the most humble people I have ever met. She makes motherhood look and feel like you are sipping on a lovely cup of chai latte (or think of your favourite cup of tea).....she is truly gifted because she is an absolute
She is probably blushing as I write this about her but sorry V....I had
V is amazingly natural and elegant. Every time and I mean every single time I see her...she looks like she just stepped out of a does she do it...positivity....I am a mum now...and I can assure you there are some days that I feel like the word positive should be put in a tin and locked away no...buried deep in the ground....very far away......!!!!!!but some people are gifted and V is one of them. She sees the positive in every situation and she spreads it too, she is a mum in a million. I was honoured to interview her and would love to share her cabinet of beautiful life curiosities with you......xxxxx

Verka (V) Stewart

country you live in now

where you grew up
Czech Republic formerly Czechoslovakia

first childhood memory
holidays abroad with my family - loved the looooong car journey and swimming in the sea from an early age

describe your personal style
don't think I have much style lol i love jeans and t-shirts and in all honesty spend the most money on my running gear, sad but true

high heels or flats
heels when out with my man, flat most of the othertimes, you can't beat my running shoes lol (only for running tho!)

bags, clutch or shoulder
defo shoulder, you can't carry much when pushing a buggy and holding onto 1/2 children too :-) and if im clubbing i like to be able to have my bag on me when shaking my booty

yes or no to denim
yes yes yes

if you could shop in only one store, which one would it be
In the past, it would have been Jane Norman or River Island now I really don't know most of my shopping is done online and my wardrobe is not looking great

vintage or high street
high street, have enever been brave enough to do vintage

favourite dish
I adore the thain chicken/coconut/ chilli and veg soup but can't rememeber the name, also love all italian food and sushi

flowers or choclate
both please! but tend to have choc a lot more often than get flowers

you could easily call me a technophone, not a gadget person at all

most memorable place in the world
I loved Goa, Egypt, Thailand and Dominican Republic, all very different all amazing!

memorable restaurant
Jamaica - Rocky Point- beach bar, serving the best Lobster in the world

music RnB

beauty essential
mascara and vaseline lip balm


hair ritual
erm. wash and dry mainly, ponytail when i can't be asked. I am a very bad girl. go to the hairdressers about 3x a year

i like a variety but firm favourites are Jadore and Gucci Rush

biggest luxury
laser hair removal - not finished the course yet but hope its worth it!

smallest luxury
starbucks chai tea latte, i should not have it as much as I do but it makes me happy

what motivates you, inspires you, makes you feel enthusiastic
my children motivate me, I love being a mum and learning to be a more selfless human being. people who rise above their surroundings and aim higher inspire me, people who are not scared of being different and who are genuinely trying to be the best they can be

are you a morning, afternoon or night person?why?
I used to be a morning person but since having kids i wouldn't say so. Probably an evening person now which is not helpful with little ones who wake up early lol

favourite book
The memoirs of a geisha

favourite film

describe your perfect evening
putting my boys to bed, reading them a story, having a cuddle and a game of cards with my man, nice dinner and wine

describe your day
busy, spent with 2/3 children, taking them to places that stimulate them, having fun, trying to fit in as much as possible, school run, cooking, cleaning and a nice evening run to feel happy and energised again :-)

what makes the character of your it colours, shapes, prints,heels,bags,smiles etc?
I love colours and prints but the main thing is being happy and smiley, heels make me feel more feminine and bags make me feel like a proper girl :-)

what is the most important thing to you?
family, love and honesty

Favourite quote or advice?
cherish all the little things that make life special, tell the people you care about how much they mean to you before its too late

Friend's words about V... "I consider myself gifted when I met V. I do not mean to patronise anyone but she is an amazing mum. I have learnt a lot from her. I do not want to dwell too much on the whole mum thing but she is a natural. She was present during my labour, it would have been great to have my mum there but she was the best mum to have there and forget gas and air, epidurals, painkillers even morphine...they should put V on the NHS painkiller list coz having her there took my pain away...I know this sounds dry but her presence was extremely reassuring. She made me enjoy the whole experience and nothing in this world could come close to the calmness she brought to the room, we often do not know when we have encountered angels in our lives, I know I have met one and cheesy as this sounds,,,its V...XXXX"

There goes...I had to ask a friend of V about her so I could conclude this interview and those were her words...Often in this life especially when one becomes a mum you need a friend just one friend who will balance it out for you and be honest with you about everything. She gave my son his first bath coz I was too scared...she made me feel so confident about doing it...just something as simple as that.......pure love.....

Quote that would summarise this interview

The END.....XXXX



  1. V was one of the first person I met in London. She is a very special person in my life, always prompt to help everyone and as you said before, always looks fresh, fit and beautiful. She has 2 lovely kids and grow them up with lots of love, patience and kindness. I'm very proud to have her as my friend and very fortunate to have her besides me.

    Roberta Garcia

  2. Thanks for your beautiful comment Roberta. Its nice in this life that we live to acknowledge precious friendships and like you,,,I am so grateful to have her in my life. Have a beautiful day.

  3. you girls makee me blush, thanks very much x