Friday 10 February 2012

I spy ASOS collection, Mary Katrantzou and Natural Hair

I am not one to do pastels but this season after having a look at what the ASOS' spring summer 2012 collection is all about...I am in the OTT pastel zone with them(pastels). I think their new collection is very seductive, very light, very pretty, effortless and delicate. There is a sort of chiffony silky feel to this collection and you almost feel guilty for wearing and wrinkling it up. I say wrinkle away.....

I have always been under the illusion that pastels do not work for me coz of my dark black skin...HOWEVER....a couple of days ago I wore (let me find a way to describe this!!!) a sort of light brown chiffon short flowy delicate 70s dress (my fingers were out of breath there) true to my word...the dress and colour was amazing and obviously I accessorized it well which worked and there you go....I have since then become...a pastel convert...

These dresses may seem sort of granny-like but I think they are absolutely sexy...they are kinda see through...which I think should be a hit this summer if you were it well...say with tights or denim shorts underneath....(will post about a see through project I have been working on, next week) Going back to the granny-like dresses...someone did mention that to me (the granny part!!!) and I thought you know what...maybe...but they are so light to the touch,,,,the collection has lace...pale pink do not really much of that detail out know may not be your cup of tea but its mine....I feel all mummy saying this...

I did explain a couple of posts ago that since I had my wadrobe and I are at war, I was occasionally a tight dress dresser (yes...tight dress dresser as in wore tight dresses) I have since discovered the art and voice of Madam sexy... minimalism but maximum-ism (my english teacher will bury himself if he read these isms)...what I mean to say is you could wear a maxi see through whatever coloured dress but wear tights or shorts underneath and big ass you are covered up but still feeling sexy....get it??? Also the art of just jeans and a Verka...she will wear jeans, tshirt and sandals and will give the word sexy a run for its money....honestly I met her for tea sometimes in summer and she could have given Claudia Schiffer a run for her money....seriously...Me and my wadrobe had to have words after....

Here are some pics from the ASOS spring summer 2012 collection Enjoy..


As a great lover and advocate of all things prints....I am so in love with Mary Katrantzou and her amazing creations..... If you love prints....she is the one for you....

She was born in Athens and moved to the United States in 2003 in order to attend Rhode Island School of Design to study architecture. She then transferred Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design where she completed both her Bachelor and Master. During her studies, she managed to sell some of her prints to Bill Blass. Graduating from her Bachelor course in 2005, Katrantzou switched her focus from prints for interiors to fashion prints.

Whilst collaborating with Sophia Kokosalaki in 2006, Katrantzou managed to build up a portfolio for the Central Saint Martins Master Fashion Textiles course. In 2008, she opened the Saint Martins graduating show. Her collection was nominated for the Harrods and the L‘Oreal Professional Award. Supported by a Newgen (talent identification scheme created by the British Fashion Council in 1993) sponsorship for six full seasons (S/S 2009 - A/W 2011), her first Prêt-à-porter collection was shown at the autumn/winter London Fashion Week in 2008.

Her collections are now available worldwide in over 60 high end fashion shops. A collection for Topshop launched for London Fashion Week autumn/winter 2010 and was available in shops in February 2011. Katrantzou‘s work has been featured in publications including Vogue, Dazed & Confused, and Grazia. In 2010, she was awarded the coveted Swiss Textiles award, succeeding Alexander Wang who won the award in 2009. She is one of the designers of Città dell'arte Fashion.

Pictures below:Her new collection.....Enjoy....xxxx

See video below for some of her other amazing'll be oggling print print....yummmmm.....xx

Next week...I am going to tackle the very sensitive topic....BLACK WOMEN'S HAIR...

(i hear fireworks going off already!!!!)...oh yes I am....and bwwwoooyyyyyyy!!!do I have a whole load of stories to tell, comfortable but here are some hairstyles that are inspiring me and I am rocking at the




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