Wednesday 15 February 2012

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Maintaining natural afro hair is one of the easiest routines you could ask for. All you do is finger your locks and you are done....ready to go!!!! once in a while you can put a comb through if you wish to or not.....I remember someone on the bus saying to me....would you like me to comb your hair! oh!!!! and another you want my hairdresser's number??? she will relax your hair with no burns at burns....(goodness!!!! that brings back a lot of memories.....I recall being in this hair salon and a certain "hairdresser" relaxed my hair....and as she was a busy bee...she worked on another client and left the relaxer in my head for too long.....for those of you who constantly relax your know where this is heading...YES!!!!! 0.3 degree BUUURRRRRNNNNNNSSSSSSS!!!!!! YOWWWWUUUUUUUCCCCCCHHHHHH.....

Honestly no words can describe the feeling of a burnt scalp...and wait!!! hold was my back Im walking around like a raccoon...big mop at the front and no hair at the back....what's that like a dodgy cut or what???....I can say though!!!! I was a sight for sore eyes.....I tried to style it out..but failed pitifully.....I never relaxed my hair after that....thank goodness!!!!....I am all natural afro now.....yayyyyy.....

Back to maintaining natural hair.....comb or no comb days....headwrap or no headwrap days.....afro or no afro days....the list is endless...but it is so easy and managable....The best blog by far, that I have come across that will help you so much if you want to transition is Belle...the lady on there gives the most wonderful tips on how to maintain and look after natural hair.....she is the real deal...Her blog has helped me in so many ways and she is such a natural will be addicted!!!!! Check out her blog will not be disappointed. This girl is the queen in terms of natural hair...I RATE HER!!!!.....XXX

The products I use on my hair which I will probably never ever stop using are raw unrefined sheer butter (a friend from Ghana brought this back from Ghana for me), Morroccan Oil products, water, a silk pillow, silk scarf and a wide tooth comb...that is all I ever put in and on my hair....

See below for pictures

These products have helped my hair grow so thick and so luscious...I will never ever relax my hair after discovering natural hair..seriously I do not want to sound boastful, but I never have to worry about hairdresser budgets, trips to salons, whether I am coming out alive or not...etc....all I need is running water, shea butter and Moroccan oil products...they (Moroccan oil) cost quite a bit but they are a great investment....

Below are pictures of some natural afro hair beauties and hair styles that inspire me...hope they inspire you too...xx

NYFW Model Watch




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