Sunday 12 February 2012

A Beautiful Eternal Absence: Whitney Houston

I have avoided this ALL DAY...but I just could not help it....I am extremely saddened by the death of a great artist, an icon that I grew up listening to......

What hurts me even more is the media coverage on Whiteny's drug taking and unhappy marriage....I just do not know how people do not have the courtesy to stop and for once...respect the dead....AND TAKE A GOOD LONG HARD LOOK AT THEIR LIVES....I mean we live in a society that is so ready to point fingers EVEN AT THE DEAD....and not only that...speculate on how she died.......GOODNESS ME!!!!

Regardless how she died...let her rest in peace....Death is the only thing that is inevitable on the earth....WE ALL DO NOT KNOW WHEN .....BUT WE KNOW WE WILL DIE.....I have experienced childbirth and for one reason or the other...I have become even more aware that one day I am going to go permanently and leave my child here on earth to continue his life journey....Do you not think Whitney knew that she would die one day....Hold up!!!! one of the most important things is she gave us something that made a difference = GREAT INCOMPARABLE MUSIC....we danced to it, got drunk to it, karaoked (does this word exist???) to it, made love to it, gave birth to it...endless and even nameless but NO!!!! oh no....some people out there are so quick to remember her fall from grace and highlight it, rather than her outstanding musical ability and how she changed the world and the course of soul music.

ALL OF US IN THIS WORLD, have two sides to us,,,,the good and the bad....but we still live....leave her be!!!!!

I will not be mourning the death of Whitney, I will be celebrating her life from today till my dying day....I will continue to play her music, remember her gorgeous smile and dance to her songs on my son's first birthday.....because she will continue to live and impact on this world regardless of her death.

And regarding the problems in her goodness...which one of us has not had problems in their my my!!!! she loved and she loved hard with might and if she had what...she adapted and dealt the way she had to...don't we all....AS IF!!!!

The people talking about her drug taking are acting like they have never had a bad day or like they do not have children or family........I am not in any way and do not condone the use of drugs but in this world we live in everybody is created uniquely and we all have different ways of dealing with our problems...some people do not even have the courage to come out of their dark shells....why!oh why! do we do this....I have had some crazy ass dark days where I cannot even come out of bed and DO NOT WANT TO SEE ANY FORM OF LIGHT...but the courage and support of friends pulled me through this....She coped in the only way she knew let's leave it be....SHE WAS GREAT and that is all that matters.....

We live in a free world...which is one of the best things about life....but we need to be very careful about how we exercise our freedom lest, we too, become victims of circumstances. The people in media covering her drug taking...should be ashamed of themselves because they too, are the biggest users of drugs,,,I remember someone saying once to careful when you point a finger especially at the dead...coz whilst you are doing that...THREE FINGERS ARE POINTING AT YOU(the three last fingers), you thumb is pointing up towards GOD, and the index is pointing at your victim...BUT IN ACTUAL SENSE YOU ARE THE let's be careful and respect the dead and cut out the speculative bullshit on causes and effects yeah!!!!!!

I say if you are going to say anything about Whitney,,,say something nice or nothing at all....say what you would want someone to say at your own funeral, or your parent's funeral or your granparent's funeral....because she too, is human, and would like to be remembered for the good and not the bad....DONT WE ALL??????!!!!!

I know if I die...I do not want to be remembered for the bad (or any mention) or my inability or weaknesses....(I will haunt ur ass if you do tempt to do that!!!!)....I want to be remembered for adorning wild colours and prints, headwraps and good stuff....we all again I say...LEAVE HER BE....go and play yourself a nice Whitney song and hey!hey!hey! dont believe me...your memories of her will lift your spirits up.....

IN AFRICA....we may cry and mourn on a funeral of a loved one...but we also celebrate their life... (we eat, drink, get drunk, crack joke, dance even...) .because they lived happy too and did the best they could for mother earth....and we thank God for their life....SO THANK GOD FOR HERS by being happy......xxxx

Here are some memorable pictures of THE GREAT Whitney....

Whitney and her Mummy

Young Whitney

Whitney in her teens

Whitney and her mummy and late daddy

Whitney and her mummy

Gorgeous Whitney

Whitney and her mummy

Whitney and her family

Whitney and her daughter Kristina

Whitney and her cousin, Dionne Warwick

A friend asked me why I was putting up the above picture...I said to her "honey...she was a natural beauty" she is stunning in her natural state = without make up... you should see some of us with our morning looks...I swear sometimes I look like I have been in a boxing ring (rumble in the jungle style),,,,,all swollen up n all....only sometimes though!!!! And she got good skin too.....i do not do make up anymore so hey!!!! whitney looks


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