Saturday 18 February 2012

Afrothinsesis: Headwrapology, Highlights from London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week kicks off with a wild bang...out of this world creativity, talent and shocking fashion oozes and rules the catwalks at Somerset House......

Designer like Fyodar have pushed the fashion boundaries and created a gutsty daring creation. The pair, Israeli-born Golan Frydman and Latvian Fyodor Podgorny, made waves with their innovative catwalk show at London Fashion Week yesterday afternoon, which they said was inspired by 'Russian peasants, tzars and insects'. The young duo are firmly on their way up, after last year having been awarded the Fashion Fringe prize.source

NYFW was great and filled with glam, class, and all the chic you would wish for....but London Fashion Week has gone for the shock factor....I love far from what I have seen...the collections are more of a "how in am I going to pull this off outside if I do wear it..." love it, love it, love it....untamable...

I am no fashion expert but one of the things I love about London fashion is,,,,,people are not scared to challenge themselves fashion place to view street catwalks is Portobello Road, Ladbroke Grove, Spitafields, Bricklane and Camden Town...I mean you get some people wearing anything from an umbrella(as a top) to a leaf embossed coat....BEAUTIFULLLL.....YES!!!!....(MY FIST UP AS I SAY THIS)....It goes to show that you do not need to confine yourself to fashion rules and strangle yourself with what society says you should wear.....(just keep the nakedness minimal though!!!!).. I absolutely cannot stand safe games with fashion....THAT IS WHY IT IS CALLED FASHION....because you are meant to experiment and be innovative with it. Its not like you are going to go down the high street dressed like models on a haute couture show..NO!!! (I would though) means that if you do wish...incorporate some of their ideas into your wardrobe and spice it up a little bit....

Here are some pictures from the shows, ENJOY...XXX


Bora Aksu

Fyodar Golan



Basso and Brooke

Corrie Neilsen



John Rocha

Moschino Cheap and Chic

Some low moments at Fashion Week

Yes!!!! with some highs come some low moments...this model wearing "shoes" slipped and fell, Im not sure those shoes will ever be sold....and I think the designer should think about giving her pants next time.....""""!!!!!

Afrothinsesis: Headwrapology

A number of people talk about my head wraps....some ask why I wrap my hair, others ask which part of Africa I come from....basically they are under the illusion that only Africans wrap their hair, dont get me wrong I am all for representing my motherland Africa big style and time but heyyyyy!!!! other cultures wrap their hair too...okay maybe not as big as mine or as africanfabriccoloured as mine...but yes...there is a lot of head wraps out there....I appreciate and love them so much....I did write a post about wraps being a protective style for natural hair...but I will also mention that they greatly compliment an outfit...I will sometimes adorn one with jeans and a tshirt or a smart dress...I never adorn it with a cultural just failed to work that way for me.....but try it...let me know what happens....

Here are some examples and gorgeous head wrap sisters.....



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