Friday 17 February 2012

Afrology....Goodbye NYFW......Hello London Fashion Week...

Ten reasons to love rocking natural hair....

Not having to take cover at the sight of a rain drop.

Being able to jump right into the shower and let water run from the top of your head to the tips of your toes....I hate showercaps

Hand in fro disease. Need I say more, playing in your curlies is so joyous.....Don't recommend it though.

The deep longing in your gut for a big bodacious afro.......oh what joy!!

Understanding such terminologies as TWA, Prepoo and DC

Looking forward to weekend just to sit and play with your hair, wash, deep condition and style....Such simplicity but oh so satisfying

Loving that you can let your man play in your hair, not scared that he's gonna catch a weave track and your hair smells of yummy tropical coconut and vanilla.

Appreciating that natural hair is beautiful not matter what length or texture.Natural hair is also very versatile and can be worn wavy, straight or curly.

Rocking natural hair shows a true sense of character and self acceptance. Its not easy being the only girl in the club with a huge afro in a sea of weaves and straight hair..but damn it definitely makes you the life of the party..

Lastly being able to accessorise your outfit with your hair is certainly fun!!!!

If you were ever scared of taking the leap into being natural, I hope this makes you think twice


The other side of dating a girl with natural hair.....

Ever wondered what it might be like for a man dating and/or living with a natural haired sister; there is another side...

Everything smells like coconut oil.

#2. Keeps using my gym t-shirts to dry her hair.

#3. Getting yelled at for using the olive oil she just bought to prepare us a surprise dinner. My bad I guess.

#4. Night after night, that damn silk bonnet will not come off for anything.

#5. Henna stains.

#6. Doesn't comprehend my physical and mental inability to braid or twist hair.

#7. Countless near death experiences in the shower caused by slipping on conditioner.

#8. Catches me looking (harmlessly, haha) at another sister with straight hair and automatically accuses me of preferring relaxed hair.

#9. That pudding in the fridge is NOT pudding.

#10. The countless hours of Youtube tutorials and actually knowing who Curly Mae is.

#11. Damn near eats me alive for buying her shampoo instead of conditioner.

#12. Bobby pins everywhere... so many bobby pins.

#13. Finding mayonnaise, eggs and avocado in the bathroom doesn't shock me any more.

#14. Ignorantly running my fingers through her hair freshly styled hair... and product primed hair.

#15. Mysterious spray stains on the mirror.

#16. Having to constantly remind myself not to play 'Spot the Weave' in a crowded room.

#17. Other brothers ogling her ;)

This goes out to all our 'significant others' out there. Thanks for sticking with us through all our complexities. xoxo


While the Fashion World waves goodbye to New YorK, London Fashion Week begins.....I wonder what is in store for are some great pictures of the beautiful shows, gorgeous models, out of this world street style, backstage makeup moments,,,,,

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.....


Calvin Klein

Ralph Lauren

Street Style New York

Back stage, makeup and model watch



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