Tuesday 31 January 2012

Featured by Joelle on her blog...check it out.... Models in Rehab .: Portobello Rd. market

This brought back a bunch of beautiful memories.....

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. Models in Rehab .: Portobello Rd. market: 04-09-2010; * Sandra Akiiki and her jewellery stall * photography by Joelle B. * thnx Sandra for the feathersss * & with my frie...

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Monday 30 January 2012

A second skin affair: Vintage Framework

After becoming a mum, all of a sudden I am a huge fan of vintage thrills, the 1920s,30s,40s,50s yes and 60s the before before the before era (yes! I said it!!!). I do not know if its anything to do with motherhood or just a transitioning stage but the urge to change my wadrobe is so strong...to the point of a fearful wonderful vintagish obsession.

Okay so that does not mean I am going all gugu granma on myself no...hull no....in my own perspective...I think I have discovered classic chic on a different level. Remember those dresses, bellsleeves, bellbottom pants and platform (gabon) shoes that our mummies and daddies used to wear......a bit like the dressing in these picture

I think the way they dressed exhibited restrained good taste, unpretentious style and unostentatious chic. And I AM NOT....in any form trying to convert anyone to the whole vintage stage page but informing you that there's some beautiful pieces out there and one does not need to spend dimes and dimes on a piece they will wear for lets see how long...uhhhmmmmmma year....I remember my mum saying invest in something you will wear forever and pass on to your grandchildren.....xxxx

I am currently reading and researching from these vintage books....
This one above has some politics which I will address another time.....

These are very informative of how much we underestimate timeless fashion (vintage)...I know there's lots of people out there who absolutely shun charity and vintage shops...some people are so ignorant as they are of the thought that someone may have died in the piece of clothing..blah blah blah...oh its too long...and one just cannot get into all that but......the secret is ....they are a historical record and a beautiful possession that may be described as a second skin.

They have the power to transform the whole body and aura of women all over the world making these women so classic that their interest in vintage becomes a physical response to fashion. source...(Vintage fashion sourcebook...Emma Baxter) and I agree. Vintage pieces capture not only a historical moment in time, but are works of absolute unique beauty. Techniques of handwork, passion, dedication, time can be seen on the early pieces before the mass production era.

Several trends set in earlier records have developed into classics for example, the shift dress, the tailored suit, the little black dress, the flapper dress, swing skirt etc....and these have not drastically changed since thier inception.

The books I have researched have revealed that vintage pieces are charted through a framework of fashion history over hundreds of years in the last centuries, celebrating significant designers, developments, movements and women's frames which have all contributed hugely to fashion.

Even today, couture designers look and plunder back catalogues and magazines in order to study, copy and learn from the masters of years before, often copying details like pintucks, seams, collars, prints, patterns beading in their own designs and why not...IMMITATION IS FLATTERY....fashion is so ever evolving that if you want to be ahead of the game...you have got to go to the back and start from there...that is why a great fashion designer will know what line to produce for the next six years as opposed to the next spring summer and start thinking..."hmmmm...where and what do I start now"....

I remember wearing gutsy items of clothing and even thinking to myself...the world is not ready for this honey....the world is not ready...but tuff...!!!!!...I wore it and I rocked it....why???? because I knew I was ahead of my game....and If I am to give any advice to a fashion designer I would give that...BE AHEAD OF YOUR GAME...GO TO THE BACK OF FASHION AND DISCOVER...

When you think its an old fashioned dress like this one...

appreciate..... because the person wearing this has thoroughly thought through this piece....they have fabricfingered it...teardressed it (..I dont know where these words are coming from but "necessity is the mother of invention") and in being careful about the detail, hem, cut and facework, they have bought it as opposed to one hit wonder mass produced clothes.....xxx

As I was inspired by my research....I customised a vintage piece (picture above) a while back and was proud of my vintage thingamajiga...

Before: This is the vintage dress

After customizing the dress with African fabric

So next time you do see someone out there rocking their vintage gear...give a secret smile in admiration or try...xx because they are way ahead and so should you be....xxxxx



Friday 27 January 2012

Mum in a million, a cabinet of beautiful curiosities: An Interview with Verka Stewart

It is heartwarming for me to interview V...She is one of the most humble people I have ever met. She makes motherhood look and feel like you are sipping on a lovely cup of chai latte (or think of your favourite cup of tea).....she is truly gifted because she is an absolute natural.....xxx
She is probably blushing as I write this about her but sorry V....I had to...xxx
V is amazingly natural and elegant. Every time and I mean every single time I see her...she looks like she just stepped out of a spa....how does she do it...positivity....I am a mum now...and I can assure you there are some days that I feel like the word positive should be put in a tin and locked away no...buried deep in the ground....very far away......!!!!!!but some people are gifted and V is one of them. She sees the positive in every situation and she spreads it too, she is a mum in a million. I was honoured to interview her and would love to share her cabinet of beautiful life curiosities with you......xxxxx

Verka (V) Stewart

country you live in now

where you grew up
Czech Republic formerly Czechoslovakia

first childhood memory
holidays abroad with my family - loved the looooong car journey and swimming in the sea from an early age

describe your personal style
don't think I have much style lol i love jeans and t-shirts and in all honesty spend the most money on my running gear, sad but true

high heels or flats
heels when out with my man, flat most of the othertimes, you can't beat my running shoes lol (only for running tho!)

bags, clutch or shoulder
defo shoulder, you can't carry much when pushing a buggy and holding onto 1/2 children too :-) and if im clubbing i like to be able to have my bag on me when shaking my booty

yes or no to denim
yes yes yes

if you could shop in only one store, which one would it be
In the past, it would have been Jane Norman or River Island now I really don't know most of my shopping is done online and my wardrobe is not looking great

vintage or high street
high street, have enever been brave enough to do vintage

favourite dish
I adore the thain chicken/coconut/ chilli and veg soup but can't rememeber the name, also love all italian food and sushi

flowers or choclate
both please! but tend to have choc a lot more often than get flowers

you could easily call me a technophone, not a gadget person at all

most memorable place in the world
I loved Goa, Egypt, Thailand and Dominican Republic, all very different all amazing!

memorable restaurant
Jamaica - Rocky Point- beach bar, serving the best Lobster in the world

music RnB

beauty essential
mascara and vaseline lip balm


hair ritual
erm. wash and dry mainly, ponytail when i can't be asked. I am a very bad girl. go to the hairdressers about 3x a year

i like a variety but firm favourites are Jadore and Gucci Rush

biggest luxury
laser hair removal - not finished the course yet but hope its worth it!

smallest luxury
starbucks chai tea latte, i should not have it as much as I do but it makes me happy

what motivates you, inspires you, makes you feel enthusiastic
my children motivate me, I love being a mum and learning to be a more selfless human being. people who rise above their surroundings and aim higher inspire me, people who are not scared of being different and who are genuinely trying to be the best they can be

are you a morning, afternoon or night person?why?
I used to be a morning person but since having kids i wouldn't say so. Probably an evening person now which is not helpful with little ones who wake up early lol

favourite book
The memoirs of a geisha

favourite film

describe your perfect evening
putting my boys to bed, reading them a story, having a cuddle and a game of cards with my man, nice dinner and wine

describe your day
busy, spent with 2/3 children, taking them to places that stimulate them, having fun, trying to fit in as much as possible, school run, cooking, cleaning and a nice evening run to feel happy and energised again :-)

what makes the character of your style...is it colours, shapes, prints,heels,bags,smiles etc?
I love colours and prints but the main thing is being happy and smiley, heels make me feel more feminine and bags make me feel like a proper girl :-)

what is the most important thing to you?
family, love and honesty

Favourite quote or advice?
cherish all the little things that make life special, tell the people you care about how much they mean to you before its too late

Friend's words about V... "I consider myself gifted when I met V. I do not mean to patronise anyone but she is an amazing mum. I have learnt a lot from her. I do not want to dwell too much on the whole mum thing but she is a natural. She was present during my labour, it would have been great to have my mum there but she was the best mum to have there and forget gas and air, epidurals, painkillers even morphine...they should put V on the NHS painkiller list coz having her there took my pain away...I know this sounds dry but her presence was extremely reassuring. She made me enjoy the whole experience and nothing in this world could come close to the calmness she brought to the room, we often do not know when we have encountered angels in our lives, I know I have met one and cheesy as this sounds,,,its V...XXXX"

There goes...I had to ask a friend of V about her so I could conclude this interview and those were her words...Often in this life especially when one becomes a mum you need a friend just one friend who will balance it out for you and be honest with you about everything. She gave my son his first bath coz I was too scared...she made me feel so confident about doing it...just something as simple as that.......pure love.....

Quote that would summarise this interview

The END.....XXXX


Tuesday 24 January 2012

A fashion and Social Insight: Interview with Pamella E Ndagire

I was honored to interview Pamella on her life, interests and style. A purely inspiring and unique experience. She delves deep, and she brings to the world such a gift as her that only her soul could have dug up, and she is so necessary. She has strength, courage and understanding that isn’t ordinarily found. It is the gift of life to know Pamella.

Her answers are a revelation, it is an honor to share them with you.

Pamella E Ndagire

country you live in now
Between two countries Uganda and Rwanda.

where you grew up

first childhood memory
Living 5mins from the source of the Nile (simply beautiful view from my early childhood home).

describe your personal style
Classic cut, elegant, clean and natural (think Audrey Hepburn with fro curls).

high heels or flats
I appreciate a cute and comfy classic flat but absolutely love an elegant pair of heels....the more eclectic the better.

bags, - clutch or shoulder
I really love a good quality bag at an amazing deal. I love love love a good deal....now a good deal leather, nice cut bag....I can take in a Clutch, bag (large or small) or cross body.

yes or no to denim?
DEFINATELY YES!!! The darker the shade, the better.

if you could shop in only one store, which one would it be? 'BANANA REPUBLIC' absolutely love that store.

vintage or high street
Vintage (especially a good deal on vintage styles with a modern twist).

favourite dish?
love love love fresh fish stew (the way Mum makes it yummmmmmm) a big fan of Groundnut sauce too.

flowers or choclate?
Depends on how you look at it. I would say Choclate. But an environmentally safe perspective would be flowers since they can be composted and reused as mulch and nutrition to sustain the environment (sorry that's the Environment Engineer in me speaking).

My Nokia E71, my whole life's on my phone.
13inch Sony Viao
Samsung T-10 mp3 player (love my T-10 especially watching music videos and short clips on there.....best way to pass flight connection time)

most memorable place in the world?
Love to travel....cant wait to see a lot of amazing sights in the world.
At the moment absolutely love the La Jolla Cove beach view from the broadwalk at LaJolla California.

memorable restaurant
I look forward to visiting an outstanding restaurant at a memorable place.

favourite music
RnB anything from the 70's to present....

beauty essential

Sunscreen ......I know I know.....common belief = as a person of color you have no danger of the sun....truth = as a woman of color I am more prone to discoloration, a permanent after effect of UV sun rays, premature ageing, and deterioration of skin health. True story, I'm an advocate and success story......Ever since I started using organic UVA/UVB sunscreen....my skin is so much better.

Juice's beauty's - organic facial moisture concentrate
Mychelle Sun Shield SPF 28

hair ritual
All that's good for an afro; shampoo (organic shampoo of choice), conditioner, leave-in scalp oil...summed up by braiding in twists to create curls.


Anything Bvlgari, Hermes or Cartier

biggest luxury
A passionate love and family.

smallest luxury

what motivates you, inspires you, makes you feel enthusiastic
Knowledge, (especially new knowledge) and love.

are you a morning, afternoon or night person?why?
Hmmmmmmm.....depends on what happened the day before I guess(quacky...I know).

favourite book
'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austin.

favourite film
'Pride and Prejudice' in any production

describe your perfect evening
An evening on the couch with the love of my life talking.....loving..:0)

describe your day
Wake up and lay out breakfast
Well deserved shower
Get into town and onto day's doings
Head home take some time on the computer
Clean up
Have some dinner
Watch some TV
Write something, read some Bible verses
Close the day with a word of prayer and some texting with the love of my life.

what makes the character of your style...is it colours, shapes, prints, heels,bags,smiles etc??
I love solid bold colors, paired up with a neutral coloured item, love classic cuts; the cap sleeve, bateau neckline, V neck or back line, pencil skirts in black, muscular cut pants,a sucker for cardigans.

I love to keep peace and stay positive, believe everything happens for a reason, grateful....for life and every single thing that seems to happen in it.

what is the most important thing to you?
My relationship with God, family and passionate love.

Favourite quote or advice?
'Everything happens for a reason'


I would firstly like to extend my kind thanks to Pamella .E. for the interview. Pamella’s life is truly beautiful; it cleverly mars the lines of the innovative architectural and the elegant. I like that she attempts to minimally describe love but one can feel the intensity of passion in her life....It feels like a beautiful morning and tastes divine....mouth watering almost...she loves to be in love.....I love to be in love...don't we all....I love the way she describes everything from her love of her mum's food to talking to her love to thanking God at the end of each day.....it literally gave me goose bumps.....

PS: I will be investing in some sunscreen and I think all of you should....I must admit...being of color..you kind of take it for granted but she is right...it helps prevent premature skin ageing. Ohhhhhh!!!!!I must admit...I did look up the samsung T-10 mp3 player....desperate to get one now...xxx:0).....xxx

The world needs to feel this connection and intimacy constantly....like another being's sense of self through her forays in silhouette play, there would be less war, more unity and greater love for life. I am inspired by her style ( Audrey Hepburn).It ozzes strength, chic, spirit and intelligence and sophistication. I could totally see in her in ANY Audrey Hepburn dress. I look forward to another interview with Pamella E. What are your thoughts on this interview?

Mine: Her interview is sensual and thought provoking...I hope you enjoyed it......

The quote below, in my opinion, describes the taste of this interview........xxxx