Wednesday 1 April 2015


Check out Dutch fabric house Vlisco's 2015 THINK lookbook for their new textile collection of bright geometric. Inspired by the architectural and minimalistic world of Bauhaus, one of Germany’s earliest schools of design, Think OOZES new attitude from the 160-plus-year-old brand. “For this collection we have not only [been] influenced by Bauhaus design philosophies, but also by their approach to colour,” the company shared in an announcement. “By creating new colours, such as the grassy green, and combining and layering them in a striking fashion the colours too tell a story.” The new prints are part of a larger campaign focusing on the “intimate bond between mother and daughter.”


There's something exhilaratingly honest about raw unedited African Fashion shows. From the set up of the runway to the end of the show, it feels like a sort of realistic "realism" fashion story unlike what you find in some worlds with most of the front row full of sextapesperts, the who's lined the most coke and had a great story from it, who's sold more albums blah blah blah,......and trust me ....Im not hating...I was reading an Elle and Harper's bazaar magazine today and most of the pages were adverts for high designers the likes of gucci, prada, burberry, tacky....honestly I don't even know why I picked them up but they were available at a cafe so why not browse,,,,I used to buy them religiously about 6 years ago until I discovered blogs...and Oh my was a sort of ressurection....goodness gracious me!!!! I never ever bought those magazines again........still I am not hating, just making a point that today the pavements are the true catwalks and that is where you will find raw talent, future designers and honest passioinate work....that's my take on things...I am not forcing anyone to agree. I digress...sorry...Tribal Chic was about creating a platform and exposure for new and upncoming designers in Africa (East Africa) and it gives me goosebumps and puts a smile on my face when I see this happening...a sort of grandeque nostalgia of what is to come for the future of African Fashion. 
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I still cannot get my head round the ASOS collection, I have tried for years but honextly cannot. I mean do they call it Africa because it is made by African people...I get the distinct feeling that these collections are sewn by Africans but the initial designs....waaaaappiiiiii....not African...sorry!!!..I refuse...

I am not saying its a bad collection...I just do not agree with the dull, so safe,,,so goodness....even a funeral goer!!! yes! I said it would not wear that!!!...dull dull dull...we believe in provocative prints and patterns .....this says the opposite..sorry ASOS try again or take a look at Duro Olowu BELOW and 

Vlisco collections and keep trying....Africa has busy prints for a reason,,,,,it is part of our survival processs......its necessary to have an ASOS Africa..but come on...colour colour colour!! I beg ohhhh!!!!!!!



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