Wednesday 14 March 2012

Akiiki Fashion Week: Zuri Tights, Arise Magazine Fashion Week House of Farrah, June Ambrose Collection for Target

Fashion week in the Akiiki lab continues....Day 3 = Meet the Zuri tights...yum yum yummmyyyyy....I feel in love with this print the minute I saw it, it beckoned to me and I ran to it (whatttttt????!!!!)...Okay on a serious note it has a sort of seventies retro feel to it...I would like to sound like an expert and use those complex pretentious words like dashing, contemporary or modernistic....but reality is...these tights are sensational...(sounds more down to earth and less

So I made these the same way I made the green print tights that I posted about on Monday....with print at the front and jersey at the back...they sort of feel like fitted trousers and I pat myself on the shoulder (lightly)....I would wear these with a dark top coz white, cream or pale colours don't quite blend well with the print and it would feel somewhat loud.....okay so the sensational african print tights, leggings, treggings, meggings, beggings, seggings,,,,,I feel like I am on the sewing machine with words now...just need to incorporate african print into the words....(hmmmm....this could be an idea!!!)...right!! enough of that...I hope you enjoy Zuri...a reader emailed me asking if I have a name for each item I design and I thought ....if I could name these tights...I would call them...ZURI TIGHTS....meaning beautiful tights...(in Kiswahiili) except for the word tights...look out for my Zuri collection...hahahahha....

I give you Zuri,,,,,

Arise Magazine Fashion Week 2012, House of Farrah

June Ambrose Collection for Target




  1. I like the name and ilike how they look on your legs (assuming those are your legs lol), love seeing your new creations x

  2. OMG!!! Beautiful. Please i need a pair of those tights. They are really a class apart. Well done. Cathy