Tuesday 13 March 2012

Akiiki Fashion Week: The ATENYI Fish Tailish Dress, Arise Magazine Fashion Week Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Natural Hair Inspiration

My fashion week continues and today....I invite you to Meet the Atenyi dress....I designed and named it after my grandma Atenyi who passed away two years ago. I miss her greatly too much to the point where I avoid thinking about her because the memories are too beautiful. She was an elegant and classy woman... and she rocked pastels to the core.....Honestly I have usually been of the notion that pastels do not work with black skin but of recent that has changed and mind you I should have know better coz they suited grandma Atenyi really well. She loved African print too. She was always dressed so beautifully, even if it was a trip to the garden ten steps away to dig up some cassava or sweet potatoes, she did it in style. I will fondly remember that amongst other things....

As usual,,,,the daily dose of African print is incorporated in the dress, plus chiffon for the lower bit...It has a fish tail feel to as you can see from the train (south west trains) effect at the back...The front bit also has a bit of chiffonic (does this word exist) ruffle to give it some character....what's a dress without character in my lab....ehhhhh!!! I basically played with different fabrics, textures and colours to get this result....Personally I would wear it with jeggings, treggings, leggings...all those things that end with ings.....or cute denim shorts...trousers are so out of the equation with this dress....xxx

Enjoy the pictures.....xx

Arise Magazine Fashion Week 2012: Featuring Ejiro Amos Tafiri

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Natural Hair Inspiration



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