Thursday 29 March 2012

A date with Trinity:Trend it not spend it....A Vintage Chronicle

I had the pleasant opportunity to chat to and photograph Trinity Hospice Vintage store's items and staff. Their fashion and lifestyle store has unique and unusual stock from vintage and new sources. They work closely with wholesalers and retailers who generously donate brand new stock to them which has recently included evening dresses from Sara Bernshaw, Franchetti Bond handbags, Armani trousers, Cavalli coats, Stella McCartney, Pink and Crabtree and Evelyn bath and body products.

Each store has a loyal and generous local community providing high quality regular donations of pre-owned stock - clean, high quality merchandise.

When on board the Putney High Street, walking into Trinity Charity / Vintage shop and rummage through their pieces is a MUST. There is always something new each day. Okay not that I go in each day...but every time I go in they have something beautiful and new. The staff are extremely polite, kind and helpful. They have the coolest sofa at the back where the bookshelves are and I absolutely love sitting on that sofa (pretending) to read a book. They have an endless distribution of some very beautiful vintage pieces. That mystery of mysteries that makes you want to go in every single time you walk past the shop. Some people shun vintage / charity shops for the sheer facts e.g. the smell, or (others with rampant excuses like someone may have died in the clothes)....for ricki ricki's sake.....give over and allow it!!!!!....others just love the smell and feel of new clothes....its all up to one...isn't it???  I for one take pride in the pieces I have purchased form them.

For you the shopper this means new stock all the time and designer labels at accessible high street prices.

They have a great dressing room with a Victorian feel to

So If you do feel like you would like to TREND IT, NOT SPEND IT.... Trinity Hospice Charity Shop is the place to be...  If you do visit Putney, be sure to pop into their

Below is one of their very dashing members of staff.....

Click here to read more about what Trinity Hospice does.


Currenlty reading some classic vintage books with great style....Its amazing how the cycle of fashion rotates along the centuries....and how we continue to...unknowingly....wear vintage styles.....move over lady gaga...this was in trend yonks of years ago.....!!!!!



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