Thursday 15 March 2012

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Day four....Fishy feasts pursue my lab or the other way round I pursue the fishy stuff...okay before this starts to sound dodgy..I will explain....I assemble before you my lovely readers another fish tail dress (the Sogni Doro)....sort of similar to the Atenyi dress. It has african print on the top and black chiffon at the bottom and arms, the frill at the front is made of raw silk. Again I conjure up a fabric feast with different ingredients, silk, chiffon and holland wax african print.

Am I getting carried away with the fish tail dresses...yes? why???? because I love sea food and .....and....I don't see that many fish tail dresses about....(yes!!!! I too ask myself what sea food and the fish tail dresses have in common, what?????)....I really do question it!!!! But then again the world is your oyster (more sea food) goodness!!!! if you want a million fish tail dresses, make a million fish tail dresses until you get tired....which is what I am doing...but I doubt I will reach the million mark...unless I do the whole made in china....but that does not quite fit my ethics...I would rather my clothes say made in Uganda or Made in Africa...(creating more jobs at opposed to creating them elsewhere and selling back if!!!!) but for now....Made in London...hmmmmmmmm.....

So as I assemble Sogni Doro....Yes!!!!I am laughing too because in a way its a sort of bond with the dress....if you do not know the name (means sweet dreams in italian)....This may sound a tini wini bit hyped up but when one wears the sogni feels like they are on a beautiful dream...the dress is extremely comfortable...for summer that is, you could rock it in winter if you feel like it......take it as you wish.....wears well with shorts, tights, leggings and ings, or a bikini underneath (THE BIKINI IS RESTRICTED TO THE BEACH ONLY!!!)

Enjoy the Sogni Doro Dress



Spotlight on Ayan Elimi

Born in Somalia, lives in Canada, haute couture model.....

Head Wrapia



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