Monday 19 March 2012

Akiiki Fashion Week: Azizi Tights, Arise Magazine Fashion Week: Kiki Clothing, Natural Hair Sway

Akiiki Fashion week has cooked up another tight storm.....Azizi tights,,,,The aztec trend took over in the winter months and I promised myself not to get anything aztec,,,,however!!!....., I came across this print which is of course...African print, with an aztecky (does this word exist??) feel to it...I love it love it love it to bits....So today I assemble before you....the Azizi tights...yum yum yum.....(Azizi means powerful and beloved in Arabic)... The tights are really cute and I thought I would show you how I wore it....The top I am wearing is from an old indian kaftan that I found in a charity shop, cut the sleeves off, put slits on the sides and turned it into a vest....put the screen print x-ray masai image on the front .....I loved how it came out....initially it was a mistake coz I should have used a different print, fabric or ink however gradually as months go by...I fall more deeply in love with the xray look which you do not really see much of out there....

Enjoy Azizi and the x-ray Masai look screen print top(fingers are out of breath writing that!

I go on so much about natural hair inspiration, afro this, afro that, afro here, afro there....and yes....thanks again to reader x who emailed me asking to come out and show my dear darling reader x...I was not hiding from I show you my natural hair...which I am proud of....I hope this calms you down...but thanks for the email because it reminded me of a saying..."if you can talk the talk, you;ve got to walk the walk" therefore I too can walk and talk afro.....(


Arise Magazine Fashion Week: Featuring Kiki Clothing

KIKI Clothing specializes in unique ethnic designs for children and adults, merging vibrant colours, Afro-centric prints and easy wearable styles that are smart, organic and playful.

The most vital aspect of the KIKI Clothing brand is that it manufactures all of its products, from clothing to footwear, in Ghana and it takes pride in promoting Made in Ghana designs.

Creative director and founder of KIKI Clothing, Titi Ademola, draws her inspirations from images from everyday life and people as well as a variety of cultures, mainly her diverse Nigerian/ Ghanaian heritage, which she believes carries a wealth of remarkable ideas. KIKI Clothing is well known for supporting and using African textiles in its pieces, as part of its goal to expose a part of Africa to the rest of the world through fashion. SOURCE




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