Saturday 28 March 2015

Cameroonian French Label Juneshop bringing the Amazones to the new age powerful enterprising independent woman, Fresh Face Taibo Bacar creates a stir in the Global Fashion World, The Artist to follow: The Golden Age A Photo sereies by Thamsanqa Mbenekazi

Cameroonian French Label Juneshop / Amazones Collection 

Cameroonian designer Nelly Mbonou founded her Juneshop label of boldly cut, wax printed womenswear in 2001. The collection is based in Paris and produced in Cameroon, the brand sees itself as a “Melting Mode” intended to reinterpret what they refer to as “ethnic folklore in an urban setting.” For their spring/summer collection the label nods to powerful women with a line of bold, brightly-colored biker jackets, retro dresses and high-waisted pants and skirts. “Amazones,” the label says, are “mythological warrior women, positive heroic figures, protectors and founders of cities, attractive and feared anti-role models, free and conquering.” In an email to Okayafrica, Mbonou elaborated on the concept behind her latest collection. - See more at:

“To me nowadays Amazons are these strong, independent women who build their own destinies but who also change society, not just by thoughts or words, but by their actions. In short words, you can call them feminists though they may not call themselves this way. These women educate, work, testify everyday and we all have one or several of them in our immediate surroundings. They do not seek to take the place of men but to assert their position in society. That’s what I try to express in my creations. First by working with organic, fluid and comfortable materials that free the body and encourages movement. As always, all my designs include African fabrics, with their bright colors and diversity of designs and each and every woman can express herself in her own way, according to her desires and her complexion. All creations are designed from XS to XXL for all body types, all beauties. The Amazones are anti-role models, away from the dictates of fashion and the unique image of female beauty they put forward. The Amazones do not reject their femininity, on the contrary, they are attractive women, this collection is also heavily loaded with dresses. The Amazones collection revisits the classics of feminine wardrobe as a celebration of women’s freedom, a hymn to their ability to constantly reinvent themselves by creating their own rules.” - 

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Taibo Bacar 

I am sooooo in love with Taibo's designs, created in 2008 with a fusion between high fashion and ready to wear, with this brand's effortless burst of positive energy for all women who identify with eclectic style where silhouette plays a major major role. I dont mean to be cheesy and much as it sounds so,,,,if you want to be the daring, adored and fresh woman, do Tiabo....This brand is fresh, honest and keeps it real. This is truly what passionate African print and fashion is all about, If I wore any of his collection, I can imagine I would ozzzzeeee Taibo sasss all round....I dare you...get one!!!


I am a great admirer of Thamsanqa Mbenekazi's work and when I recently saw this photo series....I had goose bumps allover me and was beyond over the moon.,,,what a glorious and powerful way to portray our culture, roots, passion and beliefs. I felt particularly drawn and connected to this project and understood what the golden age message was all about, this not just about the colour gold and nudity, I feel that it is about what Africa was before, a Kingdom, an Empire, the land of the great, the free world, where wealth was community spirit, body respect (nudity was very common but it was highly respected and normal unlike nowadays where in some videos a black woman's body is pornified!!!) Thamsanqa is HOPE for Africa, he is the blessed and gifted one spreading and enlightening the beauty of Africa in and out, before and after and this masterpiece will educate masses and masses of young Africans to understand our history, what we stood for, what we should stand for and our HOPE for a United, peaceful, glorius empire. THANK YOU THAMSANQA.....xx

Mpumalanga-born Thamsanqa Mbenekazi seeks to celebrate the supreme natural beauty of Africa and its people in a photographic series titled ‘The Golden Age’. Before he took up photography as a way to explore other means of artistic expression, Thamsanqa graduated as a printmaker from Artist Proof Studio where he continued as a silkscreen-technician intern in the studio’s Pro-Shop until early 2014.

His recent body of work, ‘The Golden Age’ began as an investigation into black history. “I wanted to find historical images of ancient Africa, how the forefathers looked, dressed and lived,” says Thamsanqa, who was shocked by how few he came across. Using the illustrations, sculptures and architectural images he was able to source he formulated the concept for the series.

“Africa used to be a peaceful place, a self-sustaining place with Monarchs that took care of their people. It used to possess so much wealth and intelligence that the colonial masters couldn’t believe their eyes. ‘The Golden Age’ is my interpretation of Africa before it was destroyed by colonialism, before its people were diminished to pain and hunger, brutality and slavery,” he reflects. “This is my celebration of a history that was erased and stolen from its origins.”

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