Sunday 5 April 2015


I remember my first literature novel, play and author, My years in secondary school were filled with self discovery on every level, intellectually, mentally, emotionally, except ofcourse (sexually) not in an African school like Makerere College unless you wanted to die a slow death of embarrasment, shame and ridicule, but I did kiss a boy or two. Sorry for digressing, anyway, I remember my first serious literature class and teacher and even classmates, Mr Lukwago was the teacher's name....we do not call teachers by their first name like they do in the Western countries (West End) would probably be flogged a thousand canes for that level of disrespect (or even a thousand and one or two)....I digress again....Mr Lukwago was my literature teacher,,,,I recall now, he had a beautiful voice, gggggguuuurrreat body, those thighs (Oh Lord!!!!...wait..while I rub the sweat off my brow and other bits), and an out of this world permanent stubble....yummmmmmm......but wait!!! I did not look at him in any sort of sexual or perverse way while he taught is only now that I recall him and think....Dammmmmmnnnnnnnn....he was a hot hot hot African brathhhhhaaaaaa....HE WAS.....I SWEAR!!! in my days anyways.....Unfortunately I spent half the time writing and replying love letters to a then boyfriend, dreaming of London, faking and practising a very fake London accent, passing notes to friends on the front bench, imitating Mr Lukwago's thick mixed London and African accent and somewhat in all that mix, taking in what he said too. 

So basically he introduced us to Chinua Achebe and Wole Soyinka... and I have decided to buy these books off Amazon again and read them AGAIN because they are becoming....extremely relevant and necessary to me, an African Immigrant In England. Much as I hate to admit, it is only now that I realise why at a young age, we were introduced to these phenomenal and extraordinary African authors, their works are epic, revolutionary and a definite survival guide for some of us....PURPOSE!!!!!

 I am so proud of what these teachers did with us, how they took us through these stories, novels, plays and we had to act in front of the class which we found bizarre at the time and even a quarter of the time,,,,we fluffed around and did not take anything seriously but we did score highly because we got into character sometimes. 

I implore and urge you to read Chinua Achebe and Wole Soyinka,,,,their work is amazing....i stress again, we were introduced to them at a young age when we probably took a lot of stuff for granted but today,,,,,the books are playing an extremely important part in my life. I would not want to spoil anything for you especially if you have not read any of their books....but to understand colonialism, immigration, immigrants even a sort of gentrification, what it takes to struggle and stand for what you believe in especially cultural behaviour, upbringing and morals.....these come in really handy.....So have a go....I am reading them again to gain a more deeper understanding of what it truly means to be AFRICAN.

There are of cousre other great African writers like Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, and her fire creating Americanah, which most of us Africans living abroad can relate to, and Sefi Atta the list is endless. These writers offer us truth, honesty, home away from home, life, hope and a sanctuary to escape to and dream of a home we miss. Their works are sensational. 

Let me stop posing and acting all too dictionary.....below are some of the books by various brillaint authors and writers that I have found absolutely life changing.....Just thought I would


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