Monday 23 July 2012

Kadija Kamara, My Beautiful Africa, Afro style

One of the great artists I truly admire is Kadija Kamara, very often each day I find myself listening to her music,,,I am not even going to pretend to be a music critic or reviewer and use those words like flawless, honey, this and that but my goodness....I will be honest and say her music is amazing.....her voice out of this world beautiful.... mellow, true, soulful, down to earth and real. I cannot begin to compare her voice to anyone I have listened to because she is one in a million, incomparable. Its beautiful when you listen to a voice that speaks to you too.

Not only is her voice captivating but so is her style. You can tell it all comes natural to her....her hair, fashion sense, tunes and beats. As an artist I appreciate the ever evolving nature of everything in this world be it human, plant or animal. On the human side of things, Kadija does it for me. She is a natural style icon...effortlessly beautiful.....okay!!! I know I am going on and on (kind of borderline stalkville) however I have every right to be....Kadija is a natural beauty. It is great to meet a natural artist (yes!!!! with natural hair) In my opinion (you do not have to agree with me), I feel that she is in touch more with her natural self and reality too. We get so much of manufactured music and hair therefore......... it is so refreshing to meet an untamed artist who helps you liberate yourself enough for you to go back to your roots (natural hair) and natural self.

I do not know that much about her music history but one thing I know is that she is on the path to greatness....the path of artists like Aretha, Billie, Mahaila and Nina. An undeniably soulful honest voice that connects with your inner being and mind and leaves you craving more and more.

To Kadija...I wish you the very best....somewhere out there...I am that fan who listens and sings to your tunes with her one year old son.... and you make a difference to our day ....

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My Beautiful Africa


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