Saturday 28 April 2012

Jewellery Inquest: Lay it bare, Haute African Jewellery, Flaunt Magazine

I am on an intensely beautiful discovering and learning about african jewellery....honestly...where have I been eh????? I feel like a sweet tooth addict in a sweet factory...all these amazing things I am learning and reading about....okay mostly its the huge big giganomous jewellery that interests me....but here I was thinking ...oh!!!! these pieces are only sort of the western world haute couture but all afriq haute jewellery...this is the real deal....Dont get me wrong...I grew up in Africa and even made small jewellery as a child but heyyyyyyy!!!!there is a beautiful untold jewellery story in Africa and I intend to write it (hmmmmmmm).

I am studying different African tribes and the meaning and truth behind each piece of jewellery and its absolutely amazing (will share this later)....sometimes we see these gorgeous people with jewellery in their lips, ears, nose, neck basically everywhere....and I for one used to be almost shocked as to why they should "mutilate" note the use of the quotation marks themselves....(, however I realise that is is all to the max...overflowing beauty and tell me who on the streets in London is going to walk around with a brass plate ring on their lips and get away with it....if its not the popo coming to cuff will be the ambulance crew sectioning you....honestly....where have I people are truly amazing.....I MISS HOME.COM...sob sob sob!!!! time for a well earned trip...I respect African culture a billion times more....when you leave Africa and come to live in the sort of lose a little bit of that appreciation but as times goes on you gain it and you gain it double the amount (appreciation) mostly because you miss home and appreciate it even more (excuse the repetition but one is in overwhelmed avenue) and you cannot take anything for granted...not even jewellery......and for me....its not entirely about the pictures...its more about educating and refreshing and watering my roots on the hows, where,why,who,when, what, of African jewellery.....

I have said this once and I say it again....yes..yes...yes...the media potrayal of Africa and its plight and all the flies and things...but in the midst of our beautiful struggles....we still adorn our know what they say in the midst of struggle....there is atleast free diamonds in the sky .....(the stars) with no intention to patronise anyone..I see the strength and perseverance of my beautiful people....adorn your beautiful, haute, amazingly beautiful jewellery no matter what the day holds or brings and sing this at the start and end of the day.....WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY

 I will be getting myself back to my motherland and with detailed big ass jewellery from each african country...(dreams do come true you know)......this is the one promise I have made to my oneself....HOWEVER!!!!!NOTE TO SELF: BUY LANDROVER OR HIRE A REAL GOOD 4X WHEEL DRIVE coz I know African roads...especially in the rural areas...they have a story or their own....but yes...yes...yes....FIST UP in the mission is to be fulfilled God must be positive.

Below is pics of one's jewellery quest or chest or inquest...what???? some made and some sourced.....enjoy!!!...xxxx

Flaunt Magazine



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